Understanding Men: The Global Health & Wellbeing Survey

We surveyed over 10,000 men and women to get insights on men's health behaviour.

How I Move: Pete Tulumba

Burpees for Bros: Mo Bro Pete Tulumba turns the challenging exercise into a vigorous fundraiser for men’s health.   

Darrel Mancini: Taking health into my own hands

I survived testicular cancer. I do Movember to raise money and beat this disease, so that one day all men will survive.

Alice Dorrington: I Mo for my Dad

I do Movember because my Dad no longer can. As he fought prostate cancer, I fought to make sure that other men would survive. 

How I'm Moving this Movember

It started back in 2012 with a 100km run, and each year I have tried to set myself a challenge that was bigger, braver and more outrageous.

Sandy Goodman: One Mo at a time

Each Movember I grow my Mo to save my bros, and my sons, who grow with me and have a family history to now worry about.

What You Need to Know Before You Mo

So you’ve joined the world’s biggest movement for men’s health. Now what? Here are 3 things you should do before Movember 1st.

Andrew Hahn: Movember is my middle finger to cancer

Cancer has taken a lot from my family. My son will never know his grandparents. That’s why I’m doing this.

Randal Henry: I work hard, live hard, play hard, love hard

It’s a lot easier to talk about why I cut my moustache, than to ask friends or family if they’ve had their prostate checked lately.

Kieran Ryan: For the boys close to me who lost their battles

My journey with Movember started off as a bit of fun. But the experience became real in 2009, when one of my best mates took his own life.

Charlotte Connell: Continuing my Dad's fight

Prostate cancer didn’t just take my Dad, it took my best friend. He’s inspired so much of my life and during Movember he inspires me to wear a moustache.

Nic's story: Growing up before your time

For Nic, being able to talk about his illness was life-changing. He's made it his mission to help others do the same.