The Cancer Society of New Zealand has been putting Movember funds into action. Through research programmes looking to explore the length treatments should run for, the effects as well as the positive use of physical activity on men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

RADAR prostate cancer trial is the biggest prostate cancer trial in Australasia has been running since 2007. Associate Professor David Lamb, based in Wellington, is investigating how long to use hormone therapy in prostate cancer and whether the side effects of treatment (osteoporosis) could be reduced by the use of bone-hardening drugs (bisphosphonates).

Dr Justin Keogh and Dr Daniel Shepherd, School of Sport and Recreation, AUT University, Auckland are working on methods to improve the health and quality of life of prostate cancer patients on androgen deprivation therapy by programmed physical activity. Money from Movember will be used by the investigator to explore how best to get men with prostate cancer into exercise programmes. It is hoped exercise may help to reverse the loss of strength men experience whilst on hormone treatment.

Continued support from Movember is helping the Cancer Society tackle prostate cancer and change the face of men’s health in New Zealand.

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