Aranga Taane program participants learning haka.Image by: Movember
14 July 2023

Aranga Taane: Revitalising well-being for Māori men

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Aranga Taane, a remarkable well-being program for Māori men, has been making significant strides in supporting the reintegration of men aged 25 and above into their communities after periods of incarceration. In collaboration with Movember, this program connected participants at the Manurewa Marae in Auckland, providing them with cultural support systems and traditional well-being pathways. By reframing trauma and affirming the healing process, Aranga Taane has been paving the way for a brighter future for Māori men.

Reconnecting with cultural support systems

One of the key objectives of Aranga Taane is to reconnect participants with their cultural roots and support systems. Recognising the importance of cultural identity and heritage in the healing process, the program facilitates a journey of rediscovery. By immersing participants in the rich traditions and practices of Māori culture, Aranga Taane helps these men find solace, strength, and a renewed sense of belonging. The Manurewa Marae, a sacred place that embraces Māori customs and values, serves as a focal point for these transformative experiences.

Traditional well-being pathways

Aranga Taane places a strong emphasis on traditional well-being pathways that have been passed down through generations. By incorporating Māori knowledge, wisdom, and holistic practices, the program empowers participants to address their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. From engaging in haka (traditional Māori dance) to participating in whakawhānaungatanga (building relationships) exercises, the men are provided with tools to restore balance and wellness in their lives.

Healing through trauma reframing

Many of the men who participate in Aranga Taane have experienced trauma in their lives, which has contributed to their involvement with the justice system. The program recognises the significance of trauma and seeks to address it by reframing it as an opportunity for healing. Through workshops, counselling, and supportive networks, Aranga Taane guides the participants in reshaping their narratives and transforming their lived experiences. By focusing on personal growth and resilience, the program assists these men in reclaiming their identities and rebuilding their lives.

The impact of Movember's support

Movember is committed to improving men's health, and has recognised the unique challenges faced by Māori men in New Zealand. By partnering with Aranga Taane, Movember has provided funding, expertise, and a platform to raise awareness about the program's impact. This collaboration has not only enhanced the program's resources, but also bolstered its ability to reach a wider audience, creating lasting change in the lives of Māori men.

Aranga Taane, supported by Movember, is a step in the right direction towards hope and transformation for Māori men in New Zealand. By reintegrating participants into their communities after incarceration, reconnecting them with their cultural support systems, and providing traditional well-being pathways, the program plays a vital role in promoting healing and empowering individuals to reclaim their lives. Through the lens of reframing trauma, Aranga Taane instils a sense of purpose and resilience, offering a path towards a brighter future for Māori men and their communities.