Real impact is within your hands

Your donation could help a man diagnosed with prostate cancer live longer – and be there when his granddaughter walks the aisle.

Or go towards research and resources that guide another man through testicular cancer recovery so he’s back to his old self, having a drink with his mates sooner.

Donations also fund vital mental health and suicide prevention projects and have already funded over 1,320 men’s health projects so far.

Help us change more lives by donating now.

Your donation can make a real difference

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Ahead of the Game

$35 can help a distressed friend or partner through important conversations with a man in their life who might be struggling so he can feel heard and understood before crisis point.

Man in sunglasses holding a badge to camera. In small letters it says: "Feel Good and Thrive"

$50 can help a man suddenly faced with testicular cancer make sense of his situation. So he can start on the road to recovery supported and knowing what’s next.

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$100 can help support the development of personalised strategies for men with high-risk prostate cancer, putting them on the right path back to their old selves sooner.

Supporting guys like Sam

Mild testicular pain bothered Mo Bro Sam for years. He assumed he’d live with permanent discomfort after an ultrasound returned fine. Yet something felt off. Ultimately, a Movember campaign nudged Sam into action; he booked a follow-up appointment which confirmed testicular cancer.

“Movember made me realise I needed to start paying more attention to my own health - that I should trust my instincts and get checked again."

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Thanks to supporters like you, Movember has funded over 1,320 men's health projects since 2003.

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188 clinical trials

We've backed 188 clinical trials, accelerating major progress in prostate cancer and testicular cancer research.

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44 million people reached.

In the last 12 months alone, over four million people have been actively involved in our programs.

Why We Mo

Hear what drives our donors to donate to men's health

"I donate in memory of the lives which have been lost to prostate cancer. We need to beat this dreaded disease," Rob, Canada.

"I donate to Movember in honor of my father, and the other male family members we lost to suicide in 2021. I never want anyone to go through that amount of grief, or feel like the world would be better off without them. Donating to Movember is the best way I know to help prevent that from happening," Katie, US.

"I choose to donate due to my own lived experience. It's more important than ever that men get the opportunity and support required, no matter how small an issue they may think it is. We all need an ear from time to time," Steve, UK.

A testimonial graphic. It says: "I donate in memory of the lives which have been lost to prostate cancer. We need to beat this dreaded disease," Rob, Canada.

Help us stop men dying too young