Art Green on Treasure Island
Art Green on Treasure IslandImage by: Supplied
Art Green on Treasure Island
Art celebrates winning a challenge with his team mates
26 March 2023

Mo Bro Art Green takes on Treasure Island

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Art Green has been a Mo Bro for over six years now. That includes a stint as a community ambassador. Flying the flag for Movember across the five boroughs at the New York Marathon (where a hip injury couldn’t even stop him). And, recently, a second appearance on Celebrity Treasure Island.

As one of the favourites to lift the trophy this year – Art was eliminated from Treasure Island in one of the biggest shocks in the show’s history, just one sleep before the final.

He said:

‘’It was super exciting to be back on the show. It’s such a unique experience. I enjoyed this year's more than the last time because I just went into it with a different attitude. I was far more relaxed, and I just wanted to have as much fun as possible - and I achieved just that. I also made it further in the competition which is always nice!’’

Art also decided to donate any Treasure Island winnings to Movember to help fund vital men’s health programs here in NZ, and this came to $10k.

‘’I really believe in the work Movember does for men’s mental health. Movember have been part of instigating a movement that sees men being more open to talk about their mental health and feelings.’’

We can’t thank Art enough for all his support and epic achievements as a Mo Bro. He’s helped countless men around NZ open up and to start having those tough chats. An inspiration to all of us, we’re sure he will continue to inspire us in the years to come.

Thanks, Art.

Want to get involved in Movember this year? Whether you Move, Host, Grow or even Mo Your Own Way – you can sign up here.