Movember, the Highlanders and Chemist Warehouse NZ unite for men’s health.Image by: Supplied
Movember, the Highlanders and Chemist Warehosue NZ staff pose with cheque.
Fans grab free Movember merch to wear at the match from staff.
15 June 2023

Movember, the Highlanders and Chemist Warehouse NZ unite for men’s health.

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Movember, the Highlanders, and Chemist Warehouse NZ joined forces in a powerful collaboration for men's health during the Charity Round of Super Rugby. The exciting event took place on May 5th at Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium, where the Highlanders faced off against the Chiefs in a thrilling match. However, this match held even greater significance as it was part of the Super Rugby charity round, proudly sponsored by Chemist Warehouse NZ. The day was not only about the sport but also about raising much-needed funds and awareness for men’s health.

A platform for men's health awareness

The Highlanders, driven by their belief in Movember's mission, actively embraced the Movember spirit by participating in the campaign in 2022. This deep connection between the team and Movember solidified their partnership, as they joined forces to address the critical issues affecting men's health and make a positive impact on their lives.

Highlanders vs. Chiefs: The match with a greater purpose

The Chemist Warehouse Charity Match Day was a resounding success, with a remarkable $30,000 (NZD) donation received on the day, with a further $11,000 (NZD) worth of donations rolling in since the event. This substantial amount of support will enable Movember to continue its essential work, funding programs such as Mind. Set. Engage. This particular program, delivered by rugby people for rugby people, resonates with the rugby communities in the deep South and helps to improve the well-being of men in New Zealand.

Raising funds and awareness beyond the stadium

Robert Dunne, the Country Manager for Movember New Zealand, expressed his gratitude, stating, "Working with the Highlanders and Chemist Warehouse during the Charity Round of Super Rugby has been a fantastic boost and addition to Movember in 2023. Both organisations have shared values with Movember and talk to large groups of men on a regular basis, which helps us get important men's health messaging to an often hard-to-reach group. The funds raised were substantial, and we were blown away by the total we received. This support will help us fund programs that specifically benefit men in New Zealand. Movember believes that sport is a great way to reach our community, and this event was a great example of how effective this can be."

The Highlanders' commitment to Movember's mission

Katie Smith, the Highlanders Head of Sponsor Relations, emphasised the team's dedication to Movember, saying, "Movember's work in the men's health space is extremely important and resonates not only with our team but with our families and fans. The Highlanders chose Movember to be the recipient of our Chemist Warehouse Charity Match Day because we know men's health is in crisis, and we have seen firsthand the work Movember does to help men live happier and healthier lives. A majority of Highlander players and management are active Mo Bros and Mo Sisters, so this partnership was a natural alignment for our team."

Sustaining the momentum for men's health

While the Chemist Warehouse Charity Match Day was a one-off event, mirroring the successful initiative from the previous year, there is hope for future collaborations. Chemist Warehouse NZ aims to raise close to $200,000 this year, indicating the enduring commitment of both organisations to support Movember's vital cause. As Movember continues to drive change, raise awareness, and transform the landscape of men's health for the better, the partnership with the Highlanders and Chemist Warehouse NZ stands as a shining example of the positive impact that can be achieved when like-minded organisations unite for a common goal.