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10 December 2020

Thank you to the legends of Movember 2020

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Big, brave and hairy Movember community, we’ve got a message for you: thank you.

From those who grew moustaches, to those who moved and hosted, and the legends who chose to Mo Their Own Way – we’re in awe of every one of you.

It’s been a one heck of a rocky year, but you came through, and came together for men’s health. Around 400,000 people from over 22 countries. A truly global team effort.

That’s a whole lot of stubble, sweat and determination to do good.

Through every conversation started and every dollar raised, you’ve shown how much you care about the world’s most pressing men’s health issues. You’ve helped share lifesaving knowledge and raised life-changing funds.

Since 2003 Movember has funded more than 1,250 men’s health projects in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer – and we’re just getting started.

Thanks to your efforts, we can push our ground-breaking work even further, reach more men and straight-up save lives.

We couldn’t do any of it without you. You’re changing the face of men's health. And you’re doing a damn good job. Thank you.

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