the mo show
The Mo Show take flight Image by: Movember
the mo show
mo show take third place
mo show craft in the harbour
29 January 2023

The Mo Show take on Red Bull's Flugtag competition

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The Red Bull Flugtag hit New Zealand waters for the first time in over 17 years. Competitors designed a flying craft and strapped themselves in to soar off a 6m ramp into the Waitematā Harbour.

Alex, Maison, Levi, Josh and Keenan – the masterminds behind the Movember team “The Mo Show’’ are passionate about championing men’s health. Mo Show captain, Alex, lost his father to suicide in 2017, and life for him and his family has been very different since.

He said, “It’s given me a whole new perspective. It’s one of those things you far too often hear about, but never think will happen in your world. So, I’m keen to raise a bit of money for Movember so all those men going through something (and those affected by it) have a little extra support. I hate the thought of people having to go through the grief that my siblings and I did.”

" It’s one of those things you far too often hear about, but never think will happen in your world. "

20 teams were judged on distance, creativity and performance. Before lift-off, our boys delivered a stripped-down rendition of YMCA featuring moustachioed budgie smugglers with the song’s chorus reworked to “check on your mates” – with matching signs to boot. A Best Performance winning performance loved by judges and the 15,000-strong crowd.

The moment of truth followed. The boys believeda moustache was the perfect shape for a glider. 20m later and a 3rd place finish proved them right. Their majestic glide even landed them $5,000. With the design picking up the People’s Choice award.

Red Barron and Snoopy took 1st place. Andrew Roberts, captain of the team had this to say:

‘’We’re excited to be undefeated champions. 47 metres was larger than the 28 metres we won with last time so we’re super excited to beat our record. I think the real winners today are ‘The Mo Show’ who raised thousands of dollars for Movember, so we need to acknowledge them’’.

Overall, it was an immensely proud day for the Mo Show lads and we are extremely grateful for their incredible support of Movember and men’s mental health. Who knows, maybe next year The Mo Showies can take to the skies again and lift the prestigious Flugtag trophy.

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