Matt Enright, Kaleb Geary and Liam O’ConnorImage by: Movember
10 November 2022

Top 2 Toe Challenge: Cycling the Country to Raise Funds for Movember

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Liam O’Connor, Kaleb Geary and Matt Enright are biking along the 3000km Tour Aotearoa trail from Cape Reinga to Bluff, to raise awareness and funds for Movember.

Initially, they wanted to do something to reconnect, and so set their sights on the bike route. They then realised they had the opportunity to highlight the importance of men’s health by supporting Movember while also getting together for an epic adventure.

We caught up with Matt prior their endurance test to find out more:

Hey Matt! So what are you and the lads most excited about for your Top 2 Toe challenge?

''Actually taking time away to look at New Zealand in all its beauty! Check out slightly from our usual day to day lives whilst reconnecting with the outdoors. We are also excited to meet some awesome people through NZ that we may have never met unless we did this. We have already had so many people reach out to allow us to park up at their place on the lawn or in farm cottages scattered through NZ which is pretty amazing and we have been blown away with the support thus far''

" We have already had so many people reach out to allow us to park up at their places scattered through NZ which is pretty amazing and we have been blown away with the support thus far "

How good does it feel to have the community behind you and to even let you park up at their homes! So good. And what are you most nervous about?

''Probably the body after roughly 100km a day on the saddle.. Mind you we have seen some people lately like the young fella from Australia who ran across the country and managed more Kilometre's than us by Foot each day, so hopefully we can use this as inspiration on our journey.''

It's still a huge distance! How how long will this take roughly?

''We are predicting roughly a month, so hopefully ties in well with Movember and by the time we reach Bluff, we will have managed to grow some stallion Moustaches between us!''

Where will you be staying along the way etc?

''Farms, Beach campsites, Hillsides in very remote areas, Camping Grounds, some occasional Motels, if possible. I feel like once we get out there, we may value an actual Bed a lot more than a thin floor mat, but it will be a bit of character building.. The best part will be going to places on bike that we've never had the chance to explore. We are following the Tour Aotearoa track which plenty have biked before, so we will be using all the notes from previous bikers so we know what to do.''

Character building... That's definitely one way of putting it. Fingers crossed you find beds on more than one occasion! So... What we all want to know... Which style Mo are you all growing?

''When we flatted together in Dunedin at the University of Otago, Kaleb used to run Beard oil and constantly twirled his Mo in First and Second year which was impressive, I feel like he will be going for the ‘Sheriff’ Look. Liam, probably the ‘Pencil’ Moustache. Myself, maybe the ‘Captain Hook?’'

Matt, Liam & Caleb have already raised a massive $23.000 and they edge ever closer to their target of $30.000.

The team will be on the road for quite some time and it's going to be a gruelling challenge. We can't thank them enough for all their incredible support! Be sure to follow their journey on Instagram and also head to their Mo Space where you can donate to their page.