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The Movember Foundation is the leading charity changing the face of men's health.
The foundation raises funds that deliver innovative, breakthrough research and support programs that enable men to live happier, healthier and longer lives.

Awareness and fundraising activities are run year-round by the foundation, with the annual Movember campaign in November being globally recognised for its fun, disruptive approach to fundraising and getting men to take action for their health. During Movember, men are challenged to grow a moustache or make a commitment to get active and Move. Not only do these commitments raise much-needed funds, but they also generate powerful and often life-changing conversations.
Committed to disrupting the status quo, millions have joined the movement, raising $919 million and funding over 1,000 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

In addition to tackling key physical health issues faced by men, the Foundation is committed to encouraging men to stay healthy in all areas of their life, with a focus on men staying socially connected, becoming more open to discussing their health and significant moments in their lives.
The foundation’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on men’s health


The seed of an idea first sprouted over a few beers in Melbourne 2003, when two mates challenged each other to grow a moustache for the duration of November. Recruiting the support of 30 loyal friends, together they experienced a month of inquisitive conversation as a result of their newly acquired facial hair, and the power of the Mo as a conversation starter and awareness raiser was realised.

New Zealand was the second country to officially join the hairy movement, with Movember Mo's first grown here in 2006.

A detailed history of the early years is contained in this Hairy Tale.

WHERE Mo growth is seen around the world each November. This year, 20 countries across five continents will officially support the hairy fight. To view the full list and for live registration and fundraising tallies visit Leaderboards

Mo Bros supported by Mo Sistas, register online at Starting clean-shaven on November 1st, Mo Bros donate their top lip for 30 days by growing a moustache to raise funds and start conversations about men's health.

Mo Sistas show their support by signing up, raising awareness, driving fundraising initiatives and recruiting others to join the hairy fight for men's health.


Men are typically more indifferent towards their health when compared to the efforts of women who proactively manage and publicly address their health concerns. As a result, levels of awareness, understanding and funding support for men's health issues lag significantly behind that of other causes.

Using the moustache as a catalyst for conversation, the Movember Foundation hopes to bring about change by providing men the opportunity to learn and talk about their health more openly and by encouraging men to take action.


Movember's vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men's health. To achieve this, Movember is committed to investing funds in initiatives that support prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health in the following program areas:

  • awareness and education
  • living with and beyond cancer
  • staying mentally health, living with and beyond mental illness
  • research
Local programs are facilitated through Movember Foundation initiatives and our men’s health partners.


  • Mo | Moustache
  • Mo Bro | Men who grow a moustache for Movember
  • Mo Sista | Women that love the Mo and actively support Movember  
  • Mo Mentor | Men who have shown long-term commitment to Mo style and inspire others in the hairy challenge 


Community Stories
Every year the Movember Community share incredible stories with us, talking about their men's health journey and why they are passionate supporters of Movember. To find a Mo Bro or Mo Sista in your local area happy to particpate in media opportunities please contact

Mo Culture
For all things moustache related, including practical tips and advice as well as general Mo facts and knowledge visit our Moustachery page and lose yourself in the world of the Mo.