25 November 2019

Kadyn Webster Understanding Emotions

When I was going through all of this, the depression, the anxiety, my biggest escape was music.
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At the tender age of 16 my girlfriend (and what felt like the love of my life) of 2 years took her own life.  I went through major grief and suffered from depression for a few years after. Since Amelia i've had 3 other close friends take their lives too. 2 women and one male. I've always been the one people turn to, the one people come to for help or advice. Since all of this has happened I basically dedicated my life as much as possible to help people. It's what i feel like i was put here to do. I feel like Amelia gave me that power before leaving this earth.
Understanding Emotions was born. 

When I was going through all of this, the depression, the anxiety, my biggest escape was music. Nothing could help me like music could. It could speak to me without judging me. It would make me feel good, it would make me feel sad, it would make me fucking feel. I could feel when I heard the passion or feeling in someone’s voice or the melodies or whatever it was I could feel it… finally. 
Even listening to sad songs, I didn’t want to die, I just didn’t want to feel like this anymore. Thankfully because of my family, parents, friends, music, I started to get better. The key feeling in all of that was Love. We all need love, we crave love, we want to give love.

Ever since coming out of depression I realised I have a gift. A gift that was given to me from Amelia before she passed. This gift is the ability to help people. I realised that this was my calling and began to start helping people in any way I could. 
I don’t have the capacity to reach out to everyone individually, I Guess no one does and that’s what I struggle with the most. No matter how badly I want to help everyone through what they are feeling, the sad reality is you can’t help everyone. I came up with this idea to try and reach more people through music.

We all deal with our emotions differently. Some people are affected more than others. I think people need to understand that. It is okay to be sad about nothing. You don’t need a reason to be sad. Sometimes we don’t know why we’re sad or down. We just are, and that’s okay. Sometimes I wake up and I don’t feel good. Nothing is wrong, I have a great job, a great place to live, an amazing partner, I’m surrounded by loving family and friends. But for some reason I’m sad or down. It f*****g happens. It’s okay. 
Understanding Emotions isn't necessarily made to make you feel good or happy, it is not made to make you feel sad or down or any other emotion specifically. It is designed to make you feel. 
I started this to almost replicate life in a sense of which we are sometimes unable to control what happens to us or when it happens to us. In order for us to make it past these obstacles we need to understand how we are feeling.
We are all on a journey of which everything can be going completely right and then in a split second it will change into a different direction. It aims to open up your mind and let your heart decide on how to feel with each track. Everyone’s perception will be different on how they will feel when listening. That’s beautiful. 

In life we are sometimes unable to control the direction it wants to take us. Let it take you. Understand it. Feel it.


Remember to check in on your mates and yourself, and to reach out for support if something’s not quite right.