8 April 2020

Attention all men

Mental Health

It’s time to step up for the country and step into the breach like no other generation has before.

It’s time to put your body on the line… well, part of it.

Well, actually just your top lip.

Introducing MOVID 19… Join Radio Hauraki, Speight's & The Movember Foundation in using this time to do what we men do best – grow facial hair.

And what better time to grow a magnificent cookie duster or pencil than in the privacy of your own home!

So cultivate that nose neighbour or lip toupee this lockdown and join us in MOVID 19 and grow a moustache to keep you company.

You don't even need to start from scratch, just trim your beard into a dirty mo. 

Speight's is a proud partner of Movember,  helping to highlight the importance of men’s mental health in NZ.

Both Speight’s and Movember share similar values in terms of looking after your mates and honouring great men. Good on ya mate.

“Be a good mate to those you know and those you don’t. Good on ya mate."