14 October 2020

Man Enough New Zealand

TV journalist, Matt Chisholm, is on a mission to tackle male suicide
Mental Health | Where The Money Goes
TV journalist and host of Celebrity Treasure Island, Matt Chisholm, sets out on an enlightening and deeply personal journey into the hairy world of Kiwi masculinity. From exploring the evolution of the Speights Southern Man (Good on ya Mate!), to meeting the new generation of emotionally vulnerable All Blacks, Matt’s thoughtful investigation into the health of kiwi modern men will see him challenging stereotypes, attending male burlesque classes as well as instigating an all-male hug-a-thon social experiment.
Along the way, Matt uncovers a shocking truth: suicide is the leading killer of New Zealand men aged 25 -35 years. Having personal experience with depression and after losing a friend and fellow TV journalist to suicide, Matt’s determined to find out why we are losing our men. 

Compelling, moving and surprisingly funny, this two-part series is markedly upbeat thanks to Matt’s quick-witted banter with the extraordinary people doing brave and life-changing work around the country in order to encourage men to speak out. Immersing himself in different movements and worlds, Matt visits rugby clubs, construction sites, boardrooms, men’s barbershops, and boxing gyms to see how certain men are redefining what it means to be ‘man enough’.

Inspired by all he has learnt, the series concludes with Matt launching his own ambitious nationwide campaign. Are New Zealand’s men “Man Enough” to open up?! Matt wants to share his insights right across New Zealand – challenging masculine stereotypes, getting men better connected, smashing the stigma around mental health and breaking the silence around suicide.

This is Matt Chisholm’s mission: to change our minds about what it means to be a kiwi man.

 Tune into  TVNZ 1 at 8.30pm on Tuesday the 20th October to watch episode one.