27 January 2021

Patrick Wilson - a fight to change the world

Patrick Wilson recently opened up to his friends, family and anyone who would listen to bravely share his story of depression
Mental Health | Real Stories

In a powerful, truthful and detailed video Patrick explains how he found himself in a dark place, and what he wants all men around the world to not only hear but learn from his experiences. 

To date, Patricks inspirational video has gone viral with over 100'000 views and has been shared by athletes, actors and celebrities. Recognition of the strength he showed to create it and put his story out there for the world to understand. 

Amongst some of Patricks key messages, he wanted to reinforce:

“If you have a physical illness you get help and treatment so the same should happen for mental illness, don’t ignore it”.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”. Do everything in your power to get better, never give up”.

“Depression is a state and an emotion, you can be sad as can be and the next minute your jumping with joy, so realize your not just that sad person”.

“Don’t underestimate your value in the world”.

To watch Patrick's video just visit: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJ2Xo0_ABUl/?igshid=1s5bad5uq5vll

To find Patrick on Instagram visit @paddowilson