9 July 2021

4 x 4 x 48 Challenge

Move for Movember: Mo Bro Kieran set to take on 48 hours of Moving for Movember
Mental Health | Real Stories

This Friday, the 9th of July, Mo bro Kieran Van Broekhuizen will undertake one of the most challenging Move for Movember efforts to date, setting himself the challenge of 4 x 4 x 48, which is 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours. Kieran has alot of hard work in front of him, but is determined to achieve what he set out to in an effort to raise significant funds  for and awareness of men's mental health. 

Through his own experiences, Kieran is extremely passionate about men's health. In particular, the importance of the conversation surrounding what you can do for your health and knowing the numbers being taken seriously. 

So, to continue the fight for men to live happier, healtheir and longer lives, Kieran will be taking on this significant Move for Movember challenge, broadcasting to anyone watching the physcial challenges along the way, to raise awareness of the mental health challenges we all need to start taking notice of and to remind men it's okay to not be ok. 

In Kierans own words:

"Why? I’m asking myself the same thing. Running is not my specialty and doesn’t come easy to me. So yes, this is a big challenge to take on but it’s for an amazing cause. To me this isn’t just a fundraiser, but a time to grow in both resilience and mindset. 
Mental health for me is something I’m extremely passionate about, more so than exercise itself. I have my own story and struggles that I fought my way through. I know I’m not the best runner, far from it. I only ever run 3-5km stints maybe 3 times a year if that. So, this is clearly pushing me both mentally and physically. I am mentally preparing myself for this challenge because I want to show people you can do anything you set your mind to. The mental drive will get me there. With every struggle there’s a decision. Either give up now or push through. I’m determined to push through and reach the finish line, even if it means I end up on my hands and knees crawling my way there. 
Anyone can have this growth mindset and complete this challenge. You can walk, run, cycle... and so on. For me I want to run. Running is still a challenge for me, a real one that I want to conquer. 
I’m raising awareness for all the guys out there going through something. It’s ok not to be ok. Hopefully someone can hear a bit of my story and see me put my mind and body through the wringer and come out the other side, more resilient than ever. The main point of this charity run is to support the blokes going through some hard times. Whether it was in the past or present and still has an effect on them daily. This is 48 hours out of my life I would love to dedicate to us. Men. Men who have suffered or are suffering. Let’s show some support & raise awareness for all the ones out there going through it."

Kieran also said on his Mospace motivation:

"Mental health & suicide prevention are two causes very close to my heart. Having known people close to me go through these struggles & myself personally almost not surviving my own fight.

Lucky for me, I had one person in my life who saved me & helped me make it to the other side. Having been in that dark place, I know the thoughts & feelings that come with it all too well.

My goal now is to help those out there who are going through these struggles or know someone who has/is. For anyone that feels alone & in a dark place, just know you are never truly alone.

With the hope of sharing my story, I hope someone can resonate with what I've been through & see that there is always hope.

We can change the stigma & get through this together, one step at a time."

To support Kieran and his significant efforts just click below.