5 November 2013

The NZ Navy has for the first time in its history allowed its sailors to don a Mo.

NZ Navy goes Mo
Lieutenant Commander Mike Peebles made naval history yesterday, becoming the first officer to be shaved in preparation for growing a moustache for Movember. Until this year, Royal New Zealand Navy rules prevented sailors from growing a Mo for safety reasons, following tradition and British Royal Navy regulations.

"Queen Victoria had the opinion that she didn't want sailors to injure themselves at sea spending time styling their facial hair with a razor on a rocking ship," said spokeswoman Victoria Rendall.

However the Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral Jack Steer, decided to ditch tradition and gave the go ahead for all male navy personnel to grow a Mo for Movember. Commander Peebles, 31, who lost his father to prostate cancer, said he had been involved with Movember for eight years and was thrilled the navy had changed the rules.

"Tradition's important, but I think promoting men's health is just as important. My father has taught me the importance of getting regular health checks, and that it's okay to seek help even for mental issues ... this is what Movember's all about."