14 October 2014

Lorenzo loses his Mo

Bundy x Enzo
Lorenzo Bresolin has been sporting a moustache for as long as he can remember. In fact he thinks that his partner of 5 years has only seen his bare top lip twice since they have been together. “Beards are a winter sport but for me November is all about moustaches’, says Lorenzo. 
Lorenzo normally takes on the role of Mo Mentor for Movember with his Mo the ultimate talking point on the streets of Wellington and at his restaurants Duke Carvell's and Scopa. 
“I have a new restaurant opening “The Bresolin” really soon, so I thought if I am changing things up at work, why not change things up with the Mo as well. I have always supported charities that support cancer and with Movember it is a bit closer to the bone with the main asset being the moustache, so keen to help out."
Lorenzo had his Mo taken off at Boar and Blade by owner Bundy the Barber and both these two will be at Goldings Free Dive on Thursday 30 October from 5.30pm to celebrate the start or Movember. They would love any locals to come down and join them. 

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