7 October 2014

Don't be that guy. Listen to Samuel L. Jackson and sign up.

The Man Who Didn't Register
Our friends at CollegeHumor have created something truly epic to make sure you sign up to grow your moustache for men's health. The first of the three videos, Why You Should Register for Movember, features narration from Samuel L. Jackson who wants to make sure your upper lipholstery is officially registered. His message is clear: You wouldn't run a marathon without registering so why grow a moustache without signing up?

We are proud to have CollegeHumor as an official 2014 partner. The comedy site will be releasing three videos, as well as original editorial content and social media posts, throughout October to help change the face of men’s health. All Movember content will be available on our site as well as their dedicated hub at collegehumor.com/movember.

We recommend you follow Samuel L. Jackson's advice and sign up for Movember today.

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