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Having done Movember a few times now this month has hit closer and closer to home each year. This year it really hit home.

Over the past 12 months my father, (probably) the fittest "kinda-old-dude" in all of New Zealand, stared at cancer head on... and, to date, totally smashed it. I'm happy — and extremely fortunate to be able — to say things are looking good.

I can even confirm that on his recent 70th birthday even braved The Mighty Waikato rain and wind to ride more kilometers than his age on the day (I think he clocked 72). For you Americans - that's approximately a shitload of miles on a bike in the middle of winter just to say you did... good on ya Dad!

Movember is also about more than just cancer, a big part of this month is to bring awareness to Mental Health. In the past year, a childhood friend's life ended far too soon, and as tragic and sad as this is — it's still really important for us to talk about it and about mental health and suicide prevention. One of the best reads on mental health this year came from Kevin Love (NBA Player) who wrote: Everybody is Going Through Something (check it out here: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/kevin-love-everyone-is-going-through-something). I encourage you all to read this article and be cognizant of those around you and be comfortable with having, hearing, and helping with tough conversations when it comes to mental health.

This Movember is for you guys.


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