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"Why Movember?"

With a strong paternal line of depression, anxiety and addiction, I'm no stranger to the effects these conditions can have on individuals and their families and it made me fascinated with the human mind.My interest in working with men came from a number of areas, though the one with the biggest impact was seeing my dad go through the highs and lows of anxiety and depression and witnessing how he used alcohol to cope. One of the last letters I wrote to him before he died was asking if perhaps he might be depressed and if he would be open to getting some help. Sadly, fate had other plans and he died a few months later. We will never know how his mindset could have been if he had the right help. Personally, I can't help but think life would have been easier for dad (and our family to be fair) if he understood his mind more and if we had more open, honest conversations about how he felt.

The reality is there is so much shame around mental health, especially in men who are taught from a young age not to cry, to toughen up and crack on. With the guys that I meet, they acknowledge that mental health is important but in turn are still reluctant to admit that they are the ones that need the help. Many of them use alcohol, and work as there means of coping and find themselves burnt out without realising how they got there.

This is where coaching can be so powerful when it's used in the right context. Seeing someone, totally out of their daily lives who they have to be accountable to and who is solely there to support their mental growth can prevent negative self talk, identifies unhelpful behaviour patterns and highlights areas where they can make positive change. By addressing their basic needs first - movement, nutrition and sleep, we then dial in to the fun stuff-connection and optimal mindset. It comes from a place of 'I'm good now, but what if I could be better?' It becomes fun, less pressured, exciting and joyful.

The reason I align so well with Movember, is they share the same values of fun, respect and being humble. They acknowledge there's work to do whilst looking for positive and fun ways to break the stigma and untie their bros.

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0 of 60 kilometres
I'm moving 60km this Movember for the 60 men we lose each hour of every day.
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