22 July 2021

The 2020 Movember Hall of Fame

Movember Hall of Fame Awards- South Island, Christchurch

The Movember Hall of Fame- South Island, Christchurch.

In an effort to reward and recognise those members of the Movember community who each year go above and beyond for men's health, we decided to set up the Movember Hall of Fame and award this prestigious honour to certain individuals who had dedicated themselves to significant fundraising efforts.

This year we hosted the annual South Island awards event at the No.4 Bar and Restaurant in Christchurch and invited our Platinum Club members (those who raised over $1000) to attend. Allowing us to not only reward the Hall of Fame inductees, but show our appreciation to all those who had gone above and beyond for Movember and the men's health program's we fund.

We also had the priviledge of inviting some of our key community members. Those people who have been inspirational in igniting the men's health conversation within their circles, organising and hosting major Movember fundraising events, taking on move challenges and getting their office, sports club or network to sign up.

Notably of this group, we had three of our Community Ambassadors, Angus Cameron, Dan Sharples and Tori Wheelans. Tori kindly offering her time to speak to the crowd on some of her amazing achievements in support of Movember over the last couple of campaigns and what inspires her to go above and beyond for men's health. Including running the Aoraki Mount Cook Marathon with three friends on the anniversary of her fathers passing and creating a Mospace team of over 60 friends named 'The Crumb Catchers' which raised close to $20'000. 

Another special addition was the presence of the Foothill Young Farmers Club. This group of young Mo bros and sisters coming along to talk to what they had achieved throughout Movember, why Movember is so important within the farming community and presenting Country Director Robert Dunne with a $7000 cheque to be donated to the men's health programs we fund here in NZ. 

The Movember Hall of Fame 2020 inductees are decided based upon the key criteria of total lifetime fundraising. Specifically, Silver level status in the Hall of Fame is $10'000 raised or above, while Gold level Hall of Fame status is $20'000 or above.

This year, 5 Mo bro's took their place in the illustrious Hall of Fame, their names forever imprinted in Movember NZ history.

These Hall of Fame members are part our highest level Mo lifetime fundraisers, and in every case are dedicated men's health enthusiasts who have committed themselves and have inspired the community around them to raise an outstanding amount of funds and awareness which allow us to continue funding the men's health programs we think will have an everlasting impact on the face of men's health. 

The Movember Hall of Fame- South Island 2020 inductees are: 

Tom Arnold- Silver
Anthony Boyles- Silver
John Stuart- Silver
Richard Brown- Silver
Angus Westgarth- Silver