11 November 2015

Grammy nominee and all round legend Hozier has joined the #MoChanges supergroup to cover "Changes" by David Bowie. Join Hozier and a raft of rock stars on WholeWorldBand to record or mix your own version.

Join Hozier in the #MoChanges studio
It’s been quite the ride for Hozier. His eponymous album hit top 10 positions in Ireland, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Greece, while “Take me to Church” was nominated for Song of the Year at this year’s Grammy’s– not to mention the 276,000,000 + views it has clocked up on YouTube.  Success doesn’t come any sweeter for Dublin’s enfant terrible.

Hozier did us the honor of joining the #MoChanges studio on WholeWorldBand to add a new vocal to our version of Changes by David Bowie. Check it out: 

Hozier wants you to record with him, along with members of The Police, Roxy Music, 10CC, Bicycle Thief and many more on WholeWorldBand – all you have to do is download the WholeWorldBand app and press Record. The app will automatically add you to the Changes video along with the other stars. You can sing along with him on lead vocal or add drums, guitar, didgeridoo, anything!

If you don’t play an instrument or don’t sound so hot in the shower, you can mix your own version of the track and create a video to share to help raise funds and awareness for Movember and men’s health.

Check out our tutorial of how to produce like a pro then head to www.wholeworldband.com and get involved in #MoChanges