10 May 2020


Protecting New Zealanders now and in the future
New Zealand distributors of Clear Protect 24 and Clear Protect 30 sanitiser products, Clear Facilities Ltd and True North New Zealand, have today announced that 8% of sales revenue will be gifted to Movember New Zealand and The Mental Health Foundation.
In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, donated funds will allow these charitable organisations to accelerate work on their digital mental health platforms and better reach Kiwis in need in this current environment. Jane Brown, Global Brand Strategy Manager for Clear Facilities Limited, says Movember and the Mental Health Foundation are the ideal charitable partners given their resources and expertise to support Kiwis who may be struggling with their mental health during this challenging and uncertain time. “We understand the impact the Covid-19 outbreak is having on the health and wellbeing of many New Zealanders. Not only are Kiwis dealing with the threat to their physical health, there is also added stress and anxiety caused by unemployment, social isolation and financial distress,” says Jane. “With Clear Protect 24 and Clear Protect 30 sanitiser products proven to be effective against Covid-19, we are doing our bit to help combat the physical spread of the virus. We are also aware of the ongoing hardships the viral outbreak is having on Kiwis and their families and are proud to give back to New Zealand charities to help ensure these people are supported in their time of need.”

The Clear Protect 24 and Clear Protect 30 products are “Powered by Zoono” and manufactured for Clear Facilities by the ASX listed Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO). Robert Dunne, Country Manager of Movember – an organisation committed to improving men’s physical and mental wellbeing – says the generous partnership will support their efforts as they help Kiwi men navigate these unprecedented times.
“The work Movember does has never been more relevant than during Covid-19,” says Dunne. “Understandably our ability to fundraise has become extremely challenging but partnerships like this allow us to continue to help support New Zealand men when they need it most, and one we are truly thankful for.” Likewise, Mental Health Foundation Chief Executive Shaun Robinson says working on our mental health is vital during the Covid19 pandemic. 
“The Mental Health Foundation is busier than ever assisting people to build mental and emotional courage and wellbeing, support one another’s mental health, and reach out for more formal help when they need it,” he says.
“Like all charities we have been challenged with a major drop in donations and fundraising. It is awesome to have collaborators like True North and Clear Facilities who are keen to help their fellow New Zealanders.”
The product range includes Clear Protect 24 Hand Sanitiser and Clear Protect 30 Surface Sanitiser that have been scientifically proven to be effective against Covid-19. They are effective in killing a wide range of pathogens and microorganisms on application as well as providing ongoing protection. The hand sanitiser provides protection for 24 hours and the surface sanitiser for 30 days.
With sanitising products in high demand, Jane Brown says Clear Facilities engaged the knowledge and resources of True North New Zealand to help scale up their supply chain.  Having focussed during recent weeks on supplying New Zealand’s essential services, they are now in a position to release their Clear Protect sanitising products in time for Kiwis when they are given the go ahead to return to work.
“Our products and services can play a key role in the prevention of Covid-19 resurgence, through proven H&S programmes.” 
“A number of our clients have already taken the initiative to provide every member of staff with their own individual bottles of Clear Protect.  Recognising the need, we invited two local bottle manufacturers to help us develop a new range of spray dispensers and refill bottles, substantially shortening our lead-time to produce and distribute the products.”
“Before we launch the new range to the business community, Clear Facilities and True North New Zealand wish to publish our promise that 8% of all Clear Protect product revenue would be given to people impacted by the pandemic.”
All Clear Protect products are manufactured in New Zealand, distributed to businesses by Clear Facilities Ltd and their supply chain partner True North New Zealand Ltd. The Clear Protect 24 and Clear Protect 30 products are “Powered by Zoono” and manufactured for Clear Facilities by the ASX listed Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO).
Clear Facilities was founded five years ago in New Zealand by Craig Barrass and the Newman family, alongside product supply, their unique “fogging service” of premises has been adopted by many organisations in various sectors, including major corporate environments, food manufacturing premises and professional sports teams.  Long-term customers include Fonterra, ASB, Coca Cola, IAG and Apple. Demand for their fogging services has increased exponentially in recent weeks.
Any business wishing to source Clear Protect products and services should call True North New Zealand on 0800 344 568 or e-mail customer.services@truenorthsps.com or visit www.truenorthsps.com
Businesses are provided an online portal, with options for credit card purchase or payment on account (subject to terms and conditions).