21 April 2013

Meet one of the prostate cancer researchers working hard in Movember’s Global Action Plan. 

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Where The Money Goes
Meet Wellington based researcher, Dr. Bill Jordan. He talked to MoHQ recently about his work, motivations and what it feels like to have 1.12 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas supporting his prostate cancer research through Movember's Global Action Plan. 


You’ve dedicated your time and expertise to the research field, what’s your motivation for this? 
I have thirty years research experience using protein profiling for human health and biotechnology applications. Application of this to prostate cancer is a wonderful opportunity to use this expertise in a much needed research field.

Why did you decide to focus your efforts on men’s health research, specifically prostate cancer?
To utilise the excellent clinical and scientific collaborations, locally in Wellington, and internationally through the GAP alliance, so that our scientific expertise can be applied to this important area of men’s health.

How long have you been involved with prostate cancer research?
My research has been focused on prostate cancer for five years. 

What is your research focus in the GAP program?
I'm working on early detection of the outcome of prostate cancer to enhance treatment. My research is focused on proteins, that at the time of first diagnosis, might be used to predict how the cancer will behave and therefore help determine what treatment is most appropriate for a patient. 

How do you think GAP will help men affected by prostate cancer?
The international collaborations enabled through GAP, will facilitate health outcomes that will deliver better prognostic tools so men can receive the correct  treatment for their prostate cancers.

What has Movember’s funding through GAP allowed you to do that otherwise, would not have been possible?
We are collaborating with Australian colleagues on development of blood and urine tests to aid early detection and treatment of prostate cancer. Collaboration between scientists and clinicians is essential for progress in the treatment of cancers. Movember’s GAP adds the dynamic of combining expertise and resources throughout the world, for a common purpose and emphasises collaborations that would be otherwise difficult to fund.

How does it feel to have more than 1 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas supporting the work you do?
Absolutely fantastic, your support will make a significant difference.

What is your message to the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas of New Zealand?
Thank you! We are committed to making great use of the opportunities made possible by Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, please know that the funds raised are being put to great use in the area of prostate cancer research. 

To learn more about Movember’s Global Action Plan watch this brief video and visit our GAP page here.