30 April 2014

Thanks to your Mo growing efforts, we’re funding New Zealand’s best young researchers.

Movember Young Investigator Scholarships
Where The Money Goes
Movember and the Cancer Society are proud to announce that recipients of the Movember Young Investigator Scholarships will be doing research that will have an impact on the way men are supported during treatment for prostate cancer.
Two research projects have been chosen. Heather Heron, working with a team from Massey University, Palmerston North, will be looking at a common problem for men having treatment - sexual dysfunction. “We know the side effects of treatment can be very distressing for men. We want to know how much these side effects cause distress in men and then try and understand how to better support men experiencing this distress.” This project will also talk to key health providers to understand what they need to better support these men. 
The second project will be based at the University of Auckland. It will be looking at whether an exercise programme can help men cope better with the side effects that some experience when they are on a particular treatment called hormone therapy. 
Men having this type of treatment are often troubled by side effects such as tiredness, weakness in their muscles, weight gain and depression. There is growing evidence that keeping physically active while having treatment for prostate cancer can help not only physically but also with how men cope with life in general. “We want to see if we can provide a programme that will specifically help men cope with their hormone treatment and improve how they feel physically, but also improve how they feel about themselves and their life in general” says Ashmita Patel, lead researcher. 
Both research projects have the potential to improve the lives of men living with prostate cancer and reduce the impact of side effects from their treatment programmes. This is what Movember and the Cancer Society is all about, reducing the impact of prostate cancer on our community and helping to make a difference.
For more information on this programme, check out the report card.