17 July 2014

By working with prominent prostate cancer survivors, we’re seeking to make more men aware of what a prostate cancer diagnosis means.

What does a prostate cancer diagnosis really mean anyway?
Where The Money Goes
In partnership with the Cancer Society of New Zealand, Movember has set up a programme that utilises prominent prostate and testicular cancer survivors sharing their experiences with Kiwi blokes in informal settings. Through the power of their stories we aim to make more men aware of what their diagnosis really means, what options there are and how to best navigate their cancer journey.
The profile of these Ambassadors, combined with the relaxed environment that their stories are delivered in, provides an awesome vehicle to talk to men in more detail about the key aspects of a prostate or testicular diagnosis.
The Ambassadors tell their stories in hope that their experiences might help those who have recently had a cancer diagnosis and also make others aware of the need to take action.
In each seminar a Cancer Society representative joins the Ambassador, and a relevant clinician, to ensure that all questions can be addressed. These seminars are delivered in the schools, clubs and businesses of New Zealand, which allow men to talk and listen in surroundings that they are familiar and comfortable with.
So far 6 seminars have been delivered throughout the country with up to 100 men attending each one. Many more sessions are planned for the year ahead and we encourage you to get along to one when we’re in your neck of the woods.
To enquire about this programme email info.nz@movember.com or check out more info in our programme report card.